What I Do

Travel Photography

It is only once we leave the familiar that we are able to explore, discover and become someone else. Documenting our weird and wonderful world is what I do best.

Please contact me should you wish to license any image for your website, magazine, commercial purposes or if you have a specific assignment.

Live Entertainment

I have worked in and out of recording studios with various artists while documenting the creative process.

I love collaborating with musicians and I am available to photograph CD covers, CD launches, do PR shoots, document music festivals, private shows, whatever your need, I have a knack for capturing it.


I am available to capture staff photos, model portfolios, PR photos, Book & CD covers, family portraits, lifestyle portraits and yes even the K9 that's so dear to the family.

I have experience working in and out of studio, always paying attention with a caring and observing eye.

Weddings & Events

Having been involved in events planning through my travel career, I have great appreciation for the work that goes into it. My eye is constantly focusing and framing the detail and the interactions of an event.

My favourite of all events, is the wedding. There is nothing sweeter than capturing the memories of that one day that will be remembered forever.

Image licensing

All images and content copyright © 2007-2022 Yolanda Saayman.

All rights reserved by Yolanda Saayman and content may not be reproduced, downloaded, disseminated, published or transferred in any form or by any means, except with prior written permission.

If you see something you like and would like to see more or purchase any of the photographs, please be sure to contact me. If you are contacting me with regards to licensing my photos, please include the following details:

– Type of usage e.g. front cover print, home page web
– Purpose/target audience e.g. brochure
– Size of usage e.g. A4 @ 300DPI
– Circulation e.g. print run of 2,000
– Duration of usage, e.g. 1 year

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